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Unveiling the Truth: Discover if UPS Sells Stamps and Convenient Alternatives

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1. UPS: A Brief History of its Foundation

UPS, also known as United Parcel Service, has a fascinating history that dates back to 1907. It all started with two teenagers, Claude Ryan and Jim Casey, who decided to start a small messenger service in Seattle. They had one bicycle and a phone booth as their office – talk about humble beginnings!

As the business grew, they expanded their services to include package delivery and changed the name to Merchants Parcel Delivery. The company faced many challenges along the way, including a devastating fire in 1919 that destroyed their entire fleet of vehicles.

But adversity didn’t stop them. They rebuilt and rebranded as United Parcel Service in 1929, reflecting their commitment to delivering packages across the United States. Over the years, UPS continued to innovate and adapt to changing times, introducing technologies like package tracking and expanding their global reach.

Today, UPS is a global leader in logistics and package delivery services, with a fleet of over 120,000 vehicles and more than 500 aircraft. It’s incredible to think that this international powerhouse started from such humble beginnings. So the next time you see a UPS truck on the road, remember the story of two teenagers with big dreams who turned it into reality.

2. UPS Services: What Can You Expect?

When it comes to shipping services, UPS offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Whether you’re sending a small package or shipping large items internationally, they’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the services you can expect from UPS:

UPS Ground

This is their standard shipping service for domestic packages within the United States. With UPS Ground, your package will typically arrive within 1-5 business days depending on the distance.

UPS Express Saver

If you need your package to arrive quickly, UPS Express Saver is the way to go. This service guarantees delivery by the end of the next business day for most destinations within the United States.

UPS Worldwide Expedited

For international shipments, UPS offers their Worldwide Expedited service. This option provides fast and reliable delivery to over 220 countries and territories around the world.

UPS Freight

If you’re shipping large or heavy items, UPS Freight is the service for you. They specialize in transporting bulky goods and can handle everything from palletized shipments to full truckloads.

No matter which service you choose, you can expect excellent customer service and reliable delivery from UPS. They have a reputation for going above and beyond to ensure your package arrives safely and on time. So sit back, relax, and let UPS take care of all your shipping needs.

3. Get Your Shipping Supplies at UPS

When it comes to shipping packages, having the right supplies is essential. Luckily, UPS has got you covered with a wide range of packaging materials available at their stores.

Here are some of the shipping supplies you can find at UPS:


From small boxes for jewelry to extra-large boxes for furniture, UPS has a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Their sturdy cardboard boxes are designed to protect your items during transit.


What’s a box without tape? UPS offers high-quality packing tape that ensures your package stays sealed throughout its journey. Say goodbye to worrying about your items falling out!

Packing Peanuts

For fragile items that need extra cushioning, packing peanuts are a must-have. These lightweight foam peanuts provide excellent protection against bumps and jostles during shipping.

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Bubble Wrap

Another essential item for protecting delicate items is bubble wrap. UPS offers bubble wrap in various sizes, allowing you to wrap your items securely and keep them safe from damage.


Of course, you’ll need labels to address your packages properly. UPS provides adhesive labels that are easy to fill out and stick onto your boxes. No more messy handwriting or lost packages!

Whether you’re shipping a gift to a loved one or sending products for your business, having the right packaging supplies is crucial. With UPS, you can conveniently purchase all the necessary materials in one place, saving you time and ensuring your package is well-prepared for its journey.

4. Going Global: UPS International Shipping

Shipping Services for International Customers

UPS offers a wide range of shipping services for international customers, making it easy to send packages and documents to destinations all over the world. Whether you need to ship small items or large freight, UPS has the solutions to meet your needs. With their extensive network and partnerships with customs authorities, UPS ensures that your shipments reach their destination efficiently and securely.

Customs Clearance Assistance

Navigating the complexities of international shipping can be daunting, but with UPS, you don’t have to worry. They provide customs clearance assistance to help ensure that your packages comply with all necessary regulations and documentation requirements. Their team of experts is well-versed in international trade laws and can guide you through the process, saving you time and avoiding any potential delays or issues.

5. Find a UPS Store Near You

Easily Locate Nearest UPS Stores

When you need to drop off a package or access other UPS services, finding a nearby UPS store is convenient and efficient. With their online store locator tool, you can easily find the closest UPS store to your location. Simply enter your address or zip code, and the tool will provide you with a list of nearby stores along with their operating hours and contact information.

Additional Services Offered at UPS Stores

In addition to shipping services, UPS stores offer a range of other convenient services. These include printing and copying, packaging supplies, mailbox rentals, notary services, document shredding, and more. Whether you’re a business owner looking for professional printing services or an individual in need of document shredding, UPS stores are equipped to handle all your needs in one convenient location.

6. Track Your Package with Ease using UPS

Real-Time Tracking Updates

With UPS’s tracking system, you can easily monitor the progress of your package from pickup to delivery. Simply enter the tracking number provided to you at the time of shipment, and you’ll be able to see real-time updates on its location and estimated delivery date. This allows you to stay informed and plan accordingly, ensuring that you’re available to receive your package when it arrives.

Delivery Notifications and Alerts

To further enhance the tracking experience, UPS provides delivery notifications and alerts. You can choose to receive email or text message notifications when your package is out for delivery or has been delivered. This feature gives you peace of mind, knowing exactly when your package will arrive and allowing you to make any necessary arrangements.

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7. Need Help? Contact UPS Customer Service Hotline

24/7 Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your shipment or any other UPS services, their customer service hotline is available 24/7. You can reach out to their knowledgeable representatives who are ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may have. Whether it’s a simple tracking question or a more complex shipping inquiry, they are dedicated to providing prompt and reliable support.

Multiple Contact Channels

In addition to the customer service hotline, UPS offers multiple contact channels for your convenience. You can reach out via email, live chat on their website, or even through their social media platforms. This ensures that there is always a communication channel available that suits your preference and allows for quick resolution of any concerns.

8. Convenient Pickup Scheduling with UPS

Schedule Pickups Online

With UPS, you don’t have to worry about dropping off your packages at a UPS store or drop-off location. They offer convenient pickup scheduling, allowing you to request a pickup from your desired location. Simply log in to your UPS account, provide the necessary details, and select a date and time for the pickup. A UPS driver will then come to your specified location to collect the package.

Flexible Pickup Options

UPS understands that everyone’s schedule is different, which is why they offer flexible pickup options. You can choose between one-time pickups or recurring pickups on specific days of the week. This flexibility ensures that you can easily fit package pickups into your busy schedule without any hassle.

9. Ship Large or Heavy Items with Confidence through UPS

Specialized Shipping Solutions

If you need to ship large or heavy items, UPS offers specialized shipping solutions to meet your needs. Their extensive network of vehicles and equipment allows them to handle oversized and heavy shipments with ease. From furniture and machinery to artwork and industrial equipment, UPS has the expertise and resources to ensure safe and secure delivery.

Packaging Assistance

In addition to shipping services, UPS also provides packaging assistance for large or heavy items. Their team of professionals can help you properly pack and secure your items for transportation, ensuring they are protected throughout the journey. This service gives you peace of mind knowing that your valuable or fragile items are in capable hands.

10. Protect Your Shipment with UPS Insurance Options

Insurance Coverage for Added Security

To give you peace of mind during transit, UPS offers insurance options to protect your shipments against loss or damage. You can choose from various coverage levels based on the value of your package. In the unfortunate event of a loss or damage, UPS will provide compensation according to the selected coverage, allowing you to recover the value of your shipment.

Easy Claims Process

If you need to make a claim for a lost or damaged package, UPS has a straightforward claims process. Simply submit the necessary documentation and evidence of the loss or damage, and their claims team will review your case promptly. They strive to provide efficient resolution and fair compensation for any valid claims.

11. Print Labels and Ship Packages Online with Ease via UPS

Online Shipping Tools

With UPS’s online shipping tools, you can easily print labels and ship packages from the comfort of your own home or office. Their user-friendly interface allows you to enter all necessary shipment details, including addresses, dimensions, weight, and service options. Once you’ve completed the information, you can generate shipping labels that are ready to be attached to your packages.

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Integration with E-commerce Platforms

If you run an online business or frequently sell products through e-commerce platforms, UPS offers integration options that streamline your shipping process. You can connect your online store directly with UPS’s system, automatically importing order details and generating shipping labels without manual data entry. This integration saves time and reduces errors in fulfilling orders.

12. Know the Restrictions: What Can’t You Ship with UPS?

List of Prohibited Items

To ensure safety and compliance with regulations, there are certain items that cannot be shipped through UPS. These include hazardous materials such as explosives, flammable liquids, gases, corrosive substances, and radioactive materials. Additionally, perishable items like fresh food or live animals may have restrictions due to potential health risks during transportation.

Restricted Items and Special Handling

Some items may be restricted or require special handling when shipping with UPS. These can include firearms, alcohol, tobacco products, prescription drugs, and certain types of electronics. UPS provides guidelines and requirements for shipping these items to ensure compliance with local and international laws.

13. Urgent Deliveries? Choose Express Shipping Options by UPS

Fastest Delivery Speeds

If you need to send a package urgently, UPS offers express shipping options that guarantee the fastest delivery speeds available. Whether it’s domestic or international shipments, you can choose from services like UPS Next Day Air or UPS Worldwide Express for time-sensitive deliveries. These services prioritize your package and ensure it arrives at its destination within the shortest possible timeframe.

Flexible Delivery Commitment

In addition to fast delivery speeds, UPS’s express shipping options also provide flexibility in delivery commitment. You can select specific delivery windows or even choose weekend delivery for added convenience. This flexibility allows you to cater to your recipient’s availability and ensures that your urgent packages are received promptly.

14. Delivery Timeframes: How Long Does it Take for a Package to Arrive?

Varying Delivery Times Based on Service Level

The delivery timeframes for packages shipped through UPS depend on the chosen service level. For domestic shipments within the same country, standard ground shipping usually takes 1-5 business days depending on the distance. Expedited services like 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air guarantee faster deliveries within specific timeframes.

International Delivery Time Estimates

When shipping internationally, the delivery timeframes vary based on factors such as destination country, customs clearance procedures, and selected service level. UPS provides estimated delivery times for each international service, giving you an idea of when your package is expected to arrive. However, it’s important to note that unforeseen circumstances or customs delays may affect the actual delivery time.

In conclusion, yes, UPS does sell stamps! So if you’re in need of postage for your letters or packages, you can conveniently find them at UPS locations. If you want to learn more interesting facts and tips about shipping and mailing, be sure to check out our blog. We’ve got all the information you need to make your shipping experience a breeze!