The Impact Of Tiny House Movement In The Society

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March 27, 2018

The essential things in life are food, clothing, and shelter. Everyone needs a home well-equipped with facilities such as bathroom, wardrobe, kitchen, bedroom, and much more. Can you imagine a house of 200sq.ft with all modern facilities and yet that won’t look congested?  The tiny house is a new lifestyle accommodation, sprang up after the Tiny House Movement as a solution to the galloping living cost and housing issues. A small house can significantly reduce your dwelling cost, interior decoration and much more to the society for a green ecosystem.

Rather than building a vast palace, tiny houses with multiple stories are trending. The concept of tiny house movement prompts people to join the world with facilities such as affordable, efficiency and green.

Advantages of tiny houses in the society

When you look it with a positive attitude, you can find enormous benefits by living in a small home. Although there are tiny spaces for everything such as tiny space for living, little space for the bathroom, there are certain advantages of tiny house movement.


A tiny house requires less maintenance, which can reduce the financial burden on the sole bread-winner of the house. It also contributes to affordability and mobility.

Today people spend almost one-third of their income for meeting rent and maintenance cost of the house. By joining the tiny house movement, this can be resolved by paying significantly less on paycheck or can even save the extra bucks for maintenance.


The tiny houses are incredibly age-friendly for the old ones or for one who have grown-up children.  Since the internal space is very limited, it would easy for aged people to move around the house and look for their personal belonging rather than a spacious home.

Living in a tiny house, helps to maintain deep bonding with family members. Because, seeing family members always helps to engage personally one or other reason and thus naturally a strong emotional attachment can develop.  You should remember here, as per an adage, “out of sight is a reason that keep people out of mind.”  So, people will get always connected and no question of a situation that can dump you into ‘out of sight’ situation.  For a quality living, the tiny house can support a lot and is the best option to develop a warm relationship.

Energy saving and environment


For the construction of tiny houses, most of the manufacturers are using material that can re-cycle, energy efficient and eco-friendly.  So, these houses play a significant role in maintaining the eco-system and by pushing out less pollutant.  All these houses come in a self-sufficient module, with their own solar power system, rainwater storage which will directly reduce your power bill and other utility bills.


The concept, “tiny house” evolved from the idea how to combat the housing issues and it is indeed the best solution for checking the homelessness or people who are unable to bear the cost of massive mortgage expenses.  It is an ideal solution for people who want to have shelter within their means. A roof where a person with the family can live comfortably without spending too much on rent or mortgage expense is the need of the hour, especially when people live under stress due to financial uncertainty.

Development and economy

You can construct a tiny house on any unused land or barren land, and it won’t consume much large area.  It can also build on agricultural farmland, without spoiling the precious cultivatable land and remaining land can still use for agricultural purposes.  Any land is suitable for constructing a tiny house. Since most of the tiny house kit comes in packages, with independent features, you shall free of waiting for the utility of service connection. After construction, there won’t be much recurring maintenance cost, which is economical in the long run.


A tiny house being small produces less heat, consumes less heat thus releases less carbon and smoke. It helps in keeping the environment clean and green. Embracing tiny house concept is the best contribution you can offer to the society, as it will help to reduce carbon footprints, also help you spend your money for other activities, like investment, education of your children, etc.